To Parents

I didn’t plan on homeschooling, but given my son’s developmental challenges, I recognized the need and benefit of an intensive, high frequency therapy program. And given my budget, it had to be done at home. By me.

I’m glad I muddled through until I could build the support team we needed. He now reads at a level 7 years beyond his neurotypical peers. The work was and is worth it.

We’re in our eighth year now, and I still pinch myself–amazed that we have an overabundance of applicants and committed volunteers who rave about our program and the experience they’ve gained.

If you feel you’re muddling through like I was, let me say “I feel ya, mama.” I still have those days. But in the eight years of recruiting, training, and managing teams of volunteers, I’ve learned several tips and tricks that make my program renewable and somewhat self-sustaining. (Can you believe I have volunteers who support me administratively, as well?)

Let me assure you, there are people willing to help. You’re not alone. If you’re interested learning more, contact me.