But COVID-19? And social distancing?

For the most part, therapy sessions are still in our home. But on occasion, we move to a virtual delivery as needed. Applicants should be in living in the BCS area and expect to appear in person.

Does virtual therapy count?

When shadowing a PA, one of our VTs was told that her virtual experience with HHT was more valuable than ever, as she’s gaining transferable skills for telemedicine. Our team members work one-on-one with a patient. On their applications, PA and medical school applicants list it as patient contact experience, and OT applicants count it as volunteer hours.

What about training?

The VT title is earned after training through:  reading, watching videos, observing, partnering with a veteran VT in live sessions, and being observed by both mom and the seasoned expert who designs my son’s program. Training and tryouts usually occur in March and April. It’s not meant to be easy, but more than 100 undergrads (and a post-grad) have succeeded, and you can, too.

It’s a lot of information at first, but I feel prepared for OT school and confident that, in interviews, I can show my experience with occupational therapy and how it takes more than observation to truly feel like you’ve found your fit.

Ashlie Frederiksen
OT-S, UTMB in Galveston TX

How much time does it take?

Count on giving four hours a week on average for a year-long commitment. Many VTs have served longer because they value and enjoy the experience.

Originally, I volunteered to gain patient contact experience, but I stayed because I enjoyed helping him grow.

PA Lindsey Kessel
UTMB in Galveston TX, Class of 2020

Will I make a difference?

If you do your part—absolutely. You see growth throughout the year.

You actually get to see your service make an impact.

Haleigh Belcher

I love that the program changes a bit every week, and that I get to see him grow with it.

Carolyn McCrossan, medical student
UTMB in Galveston TX

Is it fun?

Yes! My son—your client—is a kick in pants! And our team members enjoy socializing at team events and online meet ups.

My favorite memory is when he told me (at age 5) he was “too tired” to do games and needed a shot of espresso.

Chloe Guillory, MOT, OTR-L
Texas Woman’s University, Class of 2020

Where is HHT?

In our home. We live in College Station—probably a few minutes’ drive from your apartment.

HHT has given me more than I could have imagined. Not only do I feel like a welcomed and cherished member of the Stokes family, but more importantly, I get to make a tangible difference in a child’s life. This is without a doubt my favorite program I’ve done during my undergraduate career.

Stephanie Stringer, medical student at
Texas Tech Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, Lubbock TX