Hands at Home Therapy exists to bring affordable support to the weary, overwhelmed moms and dads of kids with special needs. Our founder knows from experience the worry, the mom-guilt, the financial strain of working and wanting to give her kiddo the very best–but while being just one person. She knows parents can’t do it all.

How We Started

Hands at Home Therapy was started in 2015 by a College Station mama whose preschooler needed more daily therapy than she could deliver or afford. She connected with service-minded students who volunteered in her home with her son, who is on the autism spectrum. Within seven years, that little man was reading at a college level.

It worked.

After 9 successful years and many of our alumni working as doctors, PAs, OTs, and the like, we’ve expanded to connect our volunteers with other local children having a variety of special needs. Students serve in the homes of these children, supporting them by implementing therapy programs, providing medical assistance, teaching basic and advanced life skills, tutoring, etc.