Hands at Home Therapy was started in 2015 by a desperate College Station mama whose preschooler needed more therapy than she could deliver each and every day. That mama is me, Amy Stokes. In the years since, more than 100 students have helped me implement daily therapy sessions, and the result is phenomenal. My son reads and understands content seven grade levels beyond that of his neurotypical peers.

Each semester I select an elite team of Volunteer Therapists (VTs), and many are reselected and choose to return until they graduate. They leave prepared to run a fluid therapy session with their special needs clients and engage patients in their future healthcare careers. Everyone wins.


With HHT, you earn the privilege of working hands-on with a patient before receiving your license—an opportunity that’s hard to come by. It’s competitive, it requires initiative, and you learn to manage a fluid therapy session on your own. Our process is: apply online, interview, train, and tryout. And then if you make the team, you grow. Like. Crazy.  

We’re still in session! See our FAQ for COVID-19 impact. Read more.